“After ordering a few soaps and tealight sets on a Saturday late afternoon I was so impressed to receive them that Monday! They were carefully wrapped in pretty paper. Really says a lot about your business and customer service.”
-- Harriet Kozyn
“My first homemade and all natural lip balm! 2 scores in 1! Don't plan on going back now this stuff is great! Makes your lips truly soft! Thank you!”
-- Jessica Moody
“I purchased a couple of your candles and we love them! I’m currently pregnant and have found that these candles are the only ones I can burn without bothering me or making me sick.”
-- Tori Kitchell
“You gals brew the best Lilac aroma I have ever run across!”
-- Mary Beth Riordan
“I am very excited to receive my candles! My sister brought your tealights to a girls night party and I placed an order the very next day for more!”
-- Celeste Braxton
“I love everything this place sells. I've purchased their products numerous times for myself, and as gifts for other people. Great product, service, and company.”
-- Elisa Zureki
“Love them as usual. These are the perfect gift for anyone and a treat for yourself. I made a little gift bag for my girlfriend and she loved them. Thanks again.”
-- Stephanie Osbourne
“I love the way that each bar smells, they're so distinct! I've bought Green Daffodil soap for a few years now, and I'll never buy any other kind! It's shipped quickly and I love how clean I feel after I use it!”
-- Deborah
“I was so grateful that the ladies at Green Daffodil were willing to work with me and help me put together a custom order of Lemon Verbena tea lights for my daughter's baby shower! They are absolutely perfect and smell amazing! They actually shipped quicker than I was originally told....bonus! Thanks so much for everything!”
-- Angela Maynard
“Your lotion smells so wonderful. My husband especially loves it. It rubs in well without leaving a greasy feel and yet moisturizes very well!” “There isn't one bad scent in this whole mix. I don't know how you do it, but each one smells better than the next!”
-- Molly Flogger
“Awesome product! The scent is wonderful and does not affect my asthma!! Love, Love, Love their candles!! :-)"
-- Beth Reynolds
“Lovely scent/flavor with SPF! I purchased your lip balm because I live in Arizona and work outside sometimes. I am very fair and like to protect my skin/lips from the sun.”
-- Cynthia Christenson
“These candles not only smell great, but they burn perfectly. Best candles ever -- I probably won't ever buy another brand of scented candle.”
-- Suburban Apple
“These make my bathroom smell awesome when they're not even lit!”
-- Deanne
“This smells so good! I used it in the shower last night and it lathers very well. After drying off, my skin felt so soft. A wonderful product, great communication and fast shipping!”
-- PJ Golden
“Thank you so much! My friends LOVED their gift. Direct quote: 'Wow, that is some wonderful stuff!' They've already lit one of the tealights and said it has made their house smell amazing. I also really appreciate the note you enclosed for me.”
-- Aimee Brimmer
“I am OBSESSED with your Traverse City Cherry lip balm! I have tried so many lip balms, but this is my favorite by far!”
-- Ellie Pinter
“My new absolute favorite lotion! Smells sooooo good. Worth every penny!”
-- Samantha